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*Art Workshop 5; Sculptural art to make at home inspired by two ancient West African Kingdoms - Ifé and Benin

This is a busy workshop with four different art activities; painting the sculpture 'homes' (from workshop four), making a sculpture panel out of home made clay or paper, and copying patterns from African fabrics as part of an Ifé map. Explore enjoy and have fun!

Homemade Modelling Clay @with_estheradesigbin

An easy way to make modelling clay for 3D making at home, we will be using this and paper pulp in workshop Five

How to Make Paper Pulp @with_estheradesigbin

Paper pulp is a fantastic making material, and its fun and easy to make. All you need is paper, water, a container, strong arms, or a hand held mixer. Enjoy!

Art Workshop 3D sculpture 'homes' & painting/printing a map based on Ifé city @with_estheradesigbin

This art workshop is the beginning of a sculpture project, making 'homes' from cardboard, and/or building 'caves' from the inside out! Learn simple printing techniques and make a 'map' of the ancient West African city of Ifé.

Art Workshop Three Collage - Paint - Draw - Create @with_estheradesigbin

Art Workshop Three is a little bit of collage, painting, and drawing. As usual its art for all ages, and for making art at home or at school. Get creative, and enjoy expressing your ideas. I can't wait to see your art works.

Workshop 2 Observational Drawing ✍️ #artathome @with_estheradesigbin

At last its time for art workshop 2 we will be doing some observational drawing, it is suitable for all ages. Take a close up look at the fruit, plants, and vegetables, in your home, make a viewfinder, and have fun making expressive drawings.

Make an Elastic Band Sketchbook by Esther Adesigbin

Its time to make a special sketchbook to store all the amazing art work you will be doing at home in, you can also use your elastic band sketchbook for photo...

ART AT HOME; Workshop One exploring collage is designed for all ages, enjoy!

This week we are exploring working in collage using materials from home, the Workshop One video guide is ten minutes however the activities should take 40 minutes or an hour to do. Please look at the 2 minute guides on how to make glue and ink videos before you start.
If you have trouble seeing the videos on the school website please copy the link below or search for Art with estheradesigbin in you tube to access to online workshops with Miss Esther during this time at home...
or go to @with_estheradesigbin on instagram
PDF guides to the workshop are also available from the school office.
Workshop 1 Collage @with_estheradesigbin

How to make home made craft glue @with_estheradesigbin or

Home made ink ideas @with_estheradesigbin or


Esther Adesigbin, St Patrick’s ‘artist in residence’, works collaboratively with the school to provide a rich and varied art curriculum. Sessions with Esther are hugely fun and dynamic and explore a variety of craft techniques. These sessions encourage children to bring their ideas to life and enhance their creative development and confidence.


On 10 June 2015, pupils, parents and staff of St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, eagerly gathered in the school hall to view an art exhibition that featured artwork from every child in the school. The purpose of the exhibition was to give every child the opportunity to express themselves through art, and for pupils and teachers to develop their artistic skills and the event was a great success.