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The Behaviour Policy has been developed in order to build a safe and happy environment at school, so that all may learn effectively and achieve highly. The policy is constantly under review by staff, children and the Governing Body.


At the heart of our policy is the idea that God made us ‘good’ but that we all make bad choices from time to time and we all need guidance to grow.

We intend to: search for the strengths of each individual child and openly value them; actively create situations and opportunities where a child may deservedly earn praise and approbation; by personal example demonstrate that an atmosphere of co-operation and kindness is the avowed ethos of every classroom and playground in the school; encourage self confidence and self esteem; continually reinforce the individual child’s sense of responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions. The School works very closely with parents to help children to manage their behaviour. We encourage children to resolve differences in other constructive ways for example “Circle Time”. We also encourage children to report all incidents of bullying. These incidents are recorded and dealt with firmly by the Headteacher. The school’s Anti-Bullying Policy has further information for parents who may be concerned that their child is being bullied or is involved in bullying behaviour.


The Behaviour Policy is defined for children in the “Golden Rules”. Developed by staff and children, these are displayed prominently throughout the school. Good behaviour, through keeping the “Golden Rules” is celebrated at school with stickers, badges and certificates. The presentation of certificates and badges is an important part of the Wednesday school assemblies and children throughout the school enjoy weekly “Golden Time” for keeping the rules. When children persistently break the “Golden Rules” clear warnings are given, with sanctions appropriate to the nature of the behaviour. Sanctions range from oral warnings to exclusion from school. Exclusions rarely become necessary if parents and the school have worked closely together to resolve a child’s difficulties.

Golden Rules Do be kind and gentle – don’t hurt anyone
Do be patient – don’t push yourself first
Do listen – don’t interrupt
Do work hard on the task – don’t waste yours and others time
Do be honest – don’t hide the truth
Do look after property – don’t destroy what is not yours