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Reviewed Summer 2020




At St. Patrick’s school, we will provide excellence in education inspired by the practice of our Catholic Faith.

We will make the most of all our gifts in our safe, happy and caring school.  With Jesus Christ as our friend and model, we will help each other to grow in the love of God, developing self esteem, and a love of learning.




Sections 106-111 and 117-118 of the Education Reform Act 1988 came into force in April 1989. They brought about new regulations concerning payment for school trips and activities and made it a legal requirement for the Governors of all schools to write a Charging Policy.


It is the policy of St. Patrick’s Primary School to encourage a diversity of extra curricular activities in order to widen the educational experiences of the children. The Governors have no means of funding these activities unless the parents support them by making a voluntary contribution. Without this support the activities would cease.




At St. Patrick’s Primary School we aim to ensure that:


  • there is a clear charging and remissions policy
  • this policy will be available to any parent on request
  • no child is excluded from a visit, journey or activity because a parent cannot afford to pay




The Governors reserve the right to levy charges for the following:


  • board and lodgings for residential trips of one or more nights away from home
  • musical instrument tuition that is not prescribed as part of the National Curriculum. Charges will be made for the instrument and tuition if applicable
  • transport, entrance fees and educational fees out of school hours. These are termed optional extras. The consent of parents and a willingness to meet these charges will be sought before any bookings are finalized
  • educational fees for tuition by outside adults at after school clubs. Again, the consent of parents and a willingness to meet these charges will be sought
  • damage to or loss of books and other equipment
  • willful damage to school property
  • school photographs
  • school uniform




Although there is no obligation on any family to pay, the Governors reserve the right to request a VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION for the following:


  • Activities during school hours including visits to places by the children and visits to the school by adults eg. A theatre group or musical band. The contributions will not exceed the cost of provision.
  • School Building Fund.




Children who are disadvantaged owing to the family financial circumstances will receive subsidy or remission of charges (excluding pocket money to visits and school journeys). The Head of school will utilize such funds which may be available at the time. If parents, not in financial need choose to exercise their right not to contribute to activities then they may have to cease.




You may complain to the school about charges made. Contact the Head of School to explain the reasons for your concern. If you are still unhappy you should ask for the document that explains how to make a formal complaint.




Funds to subsidize activities are extremely limited and the Governors intend to monitor the situation carefully. The Governors may from time to time amend the categories of activity for which a charge may be made. The Governors reserve the right to review and alter this policy at any time if funds are insufficient to meet costs.