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Curriculum Statement


At St Patrick’s the curriculum is designed to fulfill the aims of our Mission Statement. In striving for excellence in education we look for both breadth and balance.

We particularly aim to develop self-esteem, a love of learning and a sense of personal responsibility through:
the promotion of the full spiritual, academic, personal and social development of each individual;
encouraging growing independence and pleasure in learning;
encouraging children to develop lively enquiring minds and the will to persevere;
fostering the ability to identify and to solve problems;
ensuring the ability of children to work in co-operation with one another
learning to both lead and to accept direction and to share.

Principles of Teaching and Learning

The Teaching And Learning Policy seeks to ensure the best possible teaching and learning and emphasises the commitment to equal opportunities for all children. Learning takes place through whole class, group, paired and individual work with a balance of mixed and similar ability groupings within the classroom. We have high expectations of the children’s work supported by a system of monitoring and assessment designed to raise achievement by identifying children’s strengths and weaknesses. We carefully plan what is taught and how it is taught to match these needs.

The curriculum includes the Foundation Stage Curriculum (for 3-5year olds), the National Curriculum (for 5 year olds +) and other aspects of planned learning.

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