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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Governors of St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Kentish Town


HAMISH JOHNSTON-STEWART     Chair      foundation governor               appointed until 31/08/2022

QUITTERIE JAROSSON                                  foundation governor               appointed until 31/08/2023

FR JOHN DEEHAN                                          foundation governor               appointed until 31/08/2023

RACHEL POLNAY                                           parent governor                      appointed until 31/12/2022

SANDRA ANDERSON                 Vice Chair  parent governor                     appointed until 31/12/2022

DIANE SAVVA-BROWN                                   staff governor                         appointed until  01/10/2024

JENNIFER O'PREY                                         Headteacher and governor


BRIGID O’BRIEN                                             foundation governor - Awaiting Diocesan Confirmation

Vacant                                                              foundation Governor                  


There are three vacancies for a foundation governor and a local authority governor.

Foundation Governors are appointed by the Diocese. Parent Governors are elected by the parents at the school.


Governors linked to School Improvement


HAMISH JOHNSTON-STEWART           Attendance

RACHEL POLNAY                                  Pupil Premium and Higher Attainers

SANDRA ANDERSON                            Safeguarding

BRIGID O’BRIEN                                    Special Educational Needs Disabilities and Inclusion

TBC                                                         Teaching and Learning

TBC                                                         Health and Safety


& QUITTERIE JAROSSON                    Religious Education and Worship


Resources Committee


Rachel Polney - Chair, Sandra Anderson - Vice Chair,  Hamish Johnston-Stewart,   Jennifer O'Prey, Diane Savva-Brown and Paulis Quittenton. 


Admissions Committee


Hamish Johnston-Stewart and Quitterie Jarosson.    


None of the governors have declared any interests, financial or business in anything related to the school. None of the governors are related to any of the staff or have any family connections with them. 


Any communication for the governors should be sent to the school office. The email to use is please put For the Attention of the Governors  in the title of the email.


In this section of the website you can also find the terms of reference of the Governing body and the Resources Committee and the record of Governor Attendance for the academic year 2019-2020.