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Health & Welfare

Health Checks

Regular medical and dental checks are held at the school. Parents are notified in advance and encouraged to attend. The School Nurse visits reguarly and is available to advise parents on health matters.


Pastoral Care

We have a full time learning mentor and a School Psychotherapist who comes into the school each week. They are available to work with children and families to help with problems or distress which affects behaviour, health and happiness.


School Meals

Fresh hot meals are prepared each day in the school kitchen and there is a good choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food available. We are part of the Healthy School Project and the food on offer each day reflects this commitment. Parents may however, wish to prepare a packed lunch for their child to bring to school. Fruit is provided at morning break for the younger children. Milk is also available for the Nursery and Reception children.



If a child becomes ill during the school day, we will contact the parents (or their nominated contact) as soon as is necessary. It is unfair to send an ill child to school in the hope that they will feel better during the school day. If a child misses school through illness please inform the school.


Accidents and Emergencies

We have trained First Aid staff at the school who have passed an examination and all members of staff have been trained in basic First Aid. They will administer first aid for minor accidents occurring at school. If a child has a minor injury requiring continuing care for example a bump to the head, parents will be informed at the end of the day. If anything more serious happens parents will be informed immediately and if necessary we will arrange for a child to be taken to hospital. In all cases a record will be made in the Accident Book.


Medicines in School

It is important that parents keep the school informed of any medical condition relating to their child. Medication relating to ongoing medical conditions for example asthma, may be kept in school and a member of staff volunteers to supervise self-administration. We administer other medication only in exceptional circumstances and then only after written details have been obtained from the parent and family doctor. If in doubt please speak to the Headteacher.