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HOME LEARNING- a message from the teachers...

Our aims and examples of what you can expect from teachers.


  1. We will support parents to help their children learn.
  • We will send parents will a grid with guidance on when during the week activities should be attempted.
  • We will expect and praise resilience, keeping going, rather than completion of all work set. We will award Dojo points accordingly.
  • We will telephone parents weekly to see how the family are coping and how the children are doing with their learning unless parents agree to less frequent calls.
  • If children are not cooperating with parents we  will take more responsibility for getting them to work, phoning more frequently, asking senior teachers to phone etc, allowing parents to prioritise family well being
  • If a family is experiencing growing highly demanding challenges or severe stress,   the school will do its best, given the circumstances at the time, to find some time to bring the child or children  into school. How much time they can come in for will depend on need, on regulations regarding COVID 19, on staff safety, and on the latest government advice.


    2. We will prioritise teacher contact with the children.

  • We will talk to the children weekly whenever possible during the phone call.
  • We may create video or sound recordings of ourselves  telling a story, reading a poem or making a greeting  on the Dojo- Class story page.    
  • We will promote children joining the Dojo to have contact with us. 
  • We will respond encouragingly to a selection of the work that is sent in or posted on the Dojo.


    3. We will prioritise promoting well-being and community

  • We will set Wellbeing activities for Wednesday
  • We will promote  well-being including praying on the Dojo and on the phone     
  • Information about emotional, physical, and spiritual  well-being will feature on the website
  • Two children per week will get awards- one for the practising the virtues, the other for excellence and effort

We will set activities for ‘Fun Fridays’ that are slightly different- oriented towards doing something for another family member or someone in the house- writing a poem for them or tackling a maths puzzle with them or saying a prayer together



    4. We will structure the learning so that it does not require specialist input or equipment                                               that parents may not have-

      • We will ask children to practise what they already know
      • We will set some rote learning that parents can test through

questions and answers, quizzes we provide

  • We will set reading, practising basic number work and writing skills four times a week.
  • We will set RE and topic activities weekly.
  • We will promote quality learning that is suitable for study at home rather than quantity of learning. For example, we may ask the children to write a story from a picture given, or an alternative ending rather than the whole story.
  • We will use resources which families with any language can easily access.



      5.  We will seek to inspire the children


      • with great stories
      • with open ended challenges                                         
      • with competitions
      • with invitations to celebrate all that is wonderful in God’s world
      • and we will exploit the opportunities that being at home affords

(for example open ended time to complete tasks,  siblings ability to help each other, or greater  availability of  equipment such as weighing scales.)