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School uniform


St. Patrick’s School has a distinctive uniform of which we all wear with pride.

Acceptance of a place at the school implies full support for the Uniform Policy and parents maintaining high standards by adhering strictly to the policy and only wearing the uniform that is permitted NO other items of clothing are permitted.

Some items of school uniform can be purchased through the school office. 

If a parent is in any doubt about any item of uniform the Head of School will gladly assist before a purchase is made.

Uniform List

St. Patrick's students wear their uniform with pride and always look smart. 

WINTER (beginning the term following the summer break)

  • grey skirt or long, grey school trousers (grey fashion trousers may not be worn)
  • white cotton shirt with a collar
  • maroon jumper with logo 
  • maroon jumper (can be purchased elsewhere but school badge must be attached)
  • maroon cardigan with logo 
  • plain grey/white socks or grey tights (not leggings)
  • plain, sensible black shoes (shoes with distinctive fashion features, boots or trainers are NOT permitted)
  • plain black or navy coat or anorak (denims, bright colours, coats with logos or distinctive markings are not permitted)
  • reversible coat 
  • maroon winter hat with the school badge 
  • school tie - available from school office

SUMMER (beginning the term following the Easter break)

  • red and white check dress 
  • white socks
  • grey shorts or grey trousers (grey fashion trousers may not be worn)
  • white cotton shirt with a collar
  • school tie
  • grey/white socks
  • black shoes or black sandals (no boots or trainers)
  • maroon baseball cap with school badge 

P.E. Uniform

  • plain white T-shirt with school logo - no brands
  • plain maroon shorts with school logo
  • plain black plimsolls or plain black trainers with no logos (brightly coloured or patterned trainers are NO permitted)
  • plain sensible swimwear (bikinis are not permitted)

(P.E. bags are supplied by the school and are to be kept on the premises)


  • as above, with trousers replaced by maroon tracksuit bottoms 
  • pupils attending nursery do not need a P.E. uniform


  • maroon small rucksack with school logo 
  • maroon large rucksack with school logo 
  • maroon book bag with school logo 


  • all hairstyles are expected to be neat, tidy and sensible
  • long hair must be tied back at all times in the school colours with sensible hair bands, clips or ties - NO large bows or decorative hair wear
  • NO coloured hair or hair pieces are permitted
  • boys must not have logos shaven into their hair – shaved patterns or mohicans are not acceptable
  • make up, nail varnish and tattoos may not be worn
  • for safety reasons, one set of stud earrings only may be worn (rings, necklaces, bracelets are not permitted)
  • summer caps must be worn outdoors and with the peak to the front - these can be purchased from the school office
  • badges and pins other than the school badge are not permitted
  • all items of uniform must be labelled with a child’s name
  • boots are only to be worn in extreme weather conditions when a change of footwear must be brought into school
  • NO trainers to be worn at school

All uniform is available to purchase online via our dedicated uniform supplier 'Brigade'. Some items of uniform can be purchased in the school office - please ask a member of the office team who are happy to assist with this. 

To place an order you should log on to‚Äč enter the school name and select the school from the drop down list provided.

Delivery is free for orders over £50. Parents can club orders together to take advantage of this.

Please ensure all uniform is labelled with your child's name.