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Playground Code of Conduct

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School

Playground Code of Conduct

July 2022



At St Patrick’s school we will provide excellence in education inspired by the practice of our Catholic Faith.  We will make the most of all our gifts in our safe, happy and caring school. With Jesus Christ as our friend and model, we will help each other to grow in the love of God, developing self-esteem, and a love of learning.


Families agree to:

  • not use mobile phones on the school playground
  • engage with all members of the school community with respect including no raised voices, including to your child/re and other children
  • use appropriate language – child appropriate topic of conversation, no offensive language,
  • collect the oldest sibling from the youngest child’s playground or class line,
  • not allow children to use the climbing or play equipment,
  • not raise concerns or issues with staff during pick up and continue to contact teachers and school leaders via ClassDojo to do this,
  • take responsibility for my child’s safety and supervise them at all times once the teacher has handed them over to the adult collecting,
  • leave promptly when your child has been collected or when asked to leave.


School agrees to:

  • have the children ready to be collected with all of their belongings,
  • have siblings together in the youngest child’s playground or class line,
  • end the day with a school prayer and song,
  • open the gates promptly at 3:20pm,
  • teachers and school leaders will not raise concerns or issues with families during pick up and will continue to arrange conversations or meetings,
  • show respect and use appropriate language to all members of the school community,
  • gently remind visitors of the expectations of the playground,
  • close the gates promptly at 3:30pm.


Permission to access to the playground will be revoked if behaviour expectations listed above, or any other behaviours not in line with the school’s expectations, are displayed and other arrangements for collecting children will be put in place. 



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