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Uniform List

WINTER (beginning the term following the summer break)


  • grey skirt or long, grey school trousers (grey fashion trousers may not be worn)
  • white cotton shirt with a collar
  • maroon jumper with logo 
  • maroon jumper (can be purchased elsewhere but school badge must be attached)
  • maroon cardigan with logo 
  • plain grey/white socks or grey tights (not leggings)
  • plain, sensible black shoes (shoes with distinctive fashion features, boots or trainers are not permitted)
  • plain black or navy coat or anorak (denims, bright colours, coats with logos or distinctive markings are not permitted)
  • reversible coat 
  • maroon winter hat with the school badge 
  • school tie - available from school office


SUMMER (beginning the term following the Easter break)


  • red and white check dress 
  • white socks
  • grey shorts or grey trousers
  • white cotton shirt with a collar
  • school tie
  • grey/white socks
  • black shoes or black sandals (no boots)
  • maroon baseball cap with school badge 


PE Uniform


  • plain white T-shirt with school logo 
  • plain maroon shorts with school logo
  • plain black plimsolls (trainers are not permitted)
  • plain sensible swimwear (bikinis are not permitted)


(P.E. bags are supplied by the school and are to be kept on the premises)




  • as above, with trousers replaced by maroon tracksuit bottoms 
  • pupils attending nursery do not need a P.E uniform




  • maroon small rucksack with school logo 
  • maroon large rucksack with school logo 
  • maroon book bag with school logo 




  • hairstyles are expected to be neat, tidy and sensible - Long hair must be tied back at all times with ribbons etc. in the school colours
  • boys must not have logos shaven into their hair – shaved patterns or mohicans are not acceptable
  • make up, nail varnish and tattoos may not be worn
  • one set of stud earrings may be worn (rings, necklaces, bracelets are not permitted)
  • summer caps must be worn outdoors and with the peak to the front
  • badges and pins other than the school badge are not permitted
  • all items of uniform must be labelled with a child’s name
  • boots are only to be worn in extreme weather conditions when a change of footwear must be brought into school