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Vision and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


St. Patrick’s Primary School

Vision and Values statement 2020-2021


Why is it important?


Having a statement of St Patrick’s Vision and Values is very important. This is much more than a series of words printed on paper, to be glanced at and filed away. It sets out what we really value, our high ambitions and aspirations for our children, and how we aim to behave.


It is a foundation stone on which we will build. When we think of our policies or our rules, or when we review our curriculum, or when we have an opportunity to improve our building, we will ask what our Vision and Values statement says to guide us.


This is the result of many sessions with children, staff and governors – everyone in the St Patrick’s community. So it reflects what we all want.


It is not set in stone. We will keep it in front of us, and we will review and amend it as we grow.


What does Vision and Values mean?


Our Vision is a short picture of the future that we are seeking to create. We are thinking about 5 years away.


Our Values would be regarded as our personality if the school was a single human being. It includes things like our ways of doing things, our expectations of each other, our aspirations for our children, and the care and respect we show each other.


Of course our Vision and Values must be consistent with each other. Our Values will help us in achieving our Vision.


In this document we will set out our Vision and Values, and will then give some examples of what all this might mean in practice.


Our Vision


St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School will be a small wellspring of educational excellence, consistently within the top 5% of schools in England.  The School will have achieved this through the nurture of dedicated staff, the sustenance of a safe and happy environment and the delivery of a creative and rigorous curriculum which inspires and motivates all our children to realise their God-given potential. Children will leave St Patrick’s happy with who they are, confident in their abilities, polite and articulate, and ambitious for their future growth.