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Vision, Values and Ethos


St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School

Vision, Values and Ethos statement 2022-2023

Why is it important?

Having a statement of St Patrick’s Vision and Values is very important. This is much more than a series of words printed on paper, to be glanced at and filed away. It sets out what we really value, our high ambitions and aspirations for our children, and how we aim to behave. It is a foundation stone on which we will build. When we think of our policies or our rules, or when we review our curriculum, or when we have an opportunity to improve our building, we will ask what our Vision and Values statement says to guide us. This is the result of many sessions with children, staff and governors – everyone in the St Patrick’s community. So it reflects what we all want. We will keep it in front of us, and we will review and amend it as we grow.

What does Vision and Values mean?

The individual nature of our approach to education can be found in our values, our Collective Worship, our grounded Christian ethos and in our Religious Education. As a Catholic school, we believe every child is made in the image of God and our vision and values build on this and are at the core of everything we do. Our Vision is a short picture of the future that we are seeking to create. Our Values would be regarded as our personality if the school was a single human being. It includes things like our ways of doing things, our expectations of each other, our aspirations for our children, and the care and respect we show each other. Of course our Vision and Values must be consistent with each other. Our Values will help us in achieving our Vision.

Our Vision

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School will be a small wellspring of educational excellence, consistently within the top 5% of schools in England.  The School will have achieved this through the nurture of dedicated staff, the creation of a safe and happy environment and the delivery of a creative and rigorous curriculum which inspires and motivates all our children to realise their God-given potential. Children will leave St Patrick’s happy with who they are, confident in their abilities, polite and articulate, and ambitious for their future growth.

Our Values                                                                                                           

We value every individual as a unique creation and gift of God, the diversity of the communities to which we belong and the cultural richness which this brings us.

We value all that brings us together, (our unity), learning through English, living in London a great world city, belonging to the United Kingdom, and of course our faith.

As a Catholic school, we value the virtues of Justice, Temperance, Courage, Prudence, Faith, Hope and Love. They underpin everything that we do.

We see them as connected, with Love supporting Faith and Hope, Faith supporting Justice and Temperance, and Hope supporting Courage and Prudence.        



We value learning as it enables us to reach our human potential, to contribute fully to our society and to live happy, fulfilling lives. Excellence and effort in all areas of learning across the curriculum is to be celebrated.We value that our work is valued. We value our reputation. It matters to us that parents care enough about us to bring children to school on time and ready to learn, that Governors give us their time and skills, and that all those who support us in the parish, the Diocese, the local authority and Ofsted care about us.


What this means in practice

For the school overall

  • A place full of joy, laughter and purposeful stimulating work.
  • Everyone has a sense of belonging and pride in the school.
  • Children working together, supporting one another.
  • Excellent teachers who know their children and work to make each one as good as he or she can be.
  • Excellent behaviour with every being polite and courteous to each other.
  • We learn to manage our emotions.
  • Children are proud of their achievements but not boastful or looking down on others.
  • Children can articulate their needs, fears, ambitions and wishes.
  • Staff model good behaviour and use the language of the virtues.
  • We reward good choices and celebrate good behaviour.
  • Everyone in the school community feels welcome to participate when possible in trips, school masses, celebrations and volunteering opportunities.

In the classroom

  • Pleasant, comfortable, stimulating environments.
  • Excellent teaching from professional committed staff, dedicated to bringing out the best in each child.
  • Children listen to their teachers and to each other.
  • Children are willing to give things a go, and to learn from their mistakes. We value mistakes – that’s how we learn!
  • We use art to allow children to experience things in common.

In the playground

  • Lots of fun.
  • Skills being developed
  • Friendships being expanded.
  • A range of safe stimulating equipment.
  • Connected to classrooms at EYFS.
  • Children having a go at new activities, but not recklessly.

In the dining hall

  • We model and remind children of correct behaviours: patience and good manners.
  • We take advantage of informal settings such as breakfast club and walking club to build relationships with children from a wide circle.
  • Children are given monitoring responsibilities.

On school trips

  • We plan trips which maximise the benefits of being in the best city on earth.
  • Safety is our first priority.
  • Children act as ambassadors of the school.

In the school office

  • Parents, children and visitors are met with a smile.
  • Issues are dealt with as quickly as possible or are immediately signposted onwards.

For our Children

  • In their time at St Patrick’s, they learn to learn.
  • They develop a love of learning and of books, and a confidence in their ability to read widely and to learn.
  • They appreciate what they have, and remember those who are less fortunate.
  • They have respect for everyone, regardless of differences in faith, ability or colour.
  • They want to help other, rather than being judgemental.
  • That children contribute to the ‘pupil voice’ in the school.

For our Staff

  • Staff are encouraged and given opportunities to develop their skills and professionalism.
  • Staff listen to their children and parents, so that they really get to know their strengths and needs.
  • Staff work to differentiate what they do, to bring out the best in every child.

For our Parents

  • They are very clear on how their child is succeeding and how they can give support.
  • They get their child to school on time every day, refreshed, in uniform and ready to learn.
  • They are comfortable that they can approach a teacher or the Head of School, other Senior Leaders or teacher at any time to discuss any issue.
  • They get regular communications on what is going on in the school.
  • They have opportunities to visit the school to learn more about how they can help their child’s learning.

For our Governors

  • Governors know the school, its strengths and where it can grow.
  • Governors care for and develop our school premises, our IT and other resources wisely, to give us the most stimulating and comfortable spaces and facilities possible.
  • Governors design and approve all of the school’s policies in accordance with our values.
  • Governors have the skills and the knowledge to challenge the school leadership to reach new heights.

For the PTA

  • Everyone feels part of our school, and is happy and willing to offer to play their part.
  • The work of the PTA is valued and celebrated for all that it does in raising funds and in providing opportunities for people to come together.


We will be mindful that nothing done at the school or in the school’s name should undermine the fundamental British values of respect for democracy, the rule of the law of the land, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

It is because we value our own faith and know how much it matters to us that we can appreciate how much the different beliefs of others matter to them.