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Week 1 ( WB 20th April )

Day 1

Monday 20th April Literacy

Day 2

Tuesday 21st April Literacy

Maths extra work

Day 3

Wednesday 22nd April Literacy

Day 4

Thursday 23rd April Literacy

Day 5

Friday 24th April Literacy


Last term we have been learing about months and seasons. Please have a look at the video on Bitesize/dailylessons/start a lesson/year1/science22ndApril/Introduction to seasons,day and night.

Have a go at doing both activity 1/ sort the objects and activity 2/ Quiz.

What season are we in now? Can you draw and lable some signs of the new life in Spring.  

Please post photos of your work on ClassDojo.

Below you can find the information about seasons and link to the website.