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Year 3 - St Catherine

Dear Year Three, 


When you have completed your learning, please add this to your

portfolio section of the app.

If you have any questions about your home learning, your parent can send me a

message me via the Class Dojo app.

I'm looking forward to seeing your fabulous learning and hearing all about it. Please do get in touch. 

Look out for your Class Dojo rewards too!



You can also find helpful information in the Well-Being section of our School page. 

If you ever want to talk to me or someone else in school, you can leave a message in ClassDojo or email our admin email address. We are always here to help as much as we can. 

Look out for videos of Coach Luke to help you keep fit and active. Who do you prefer...Coach Luke or Joe Wicks?

I will be looking out for you practising the virtues, showing excellence and effort so please do share your learning and well-being activities with me. I will also chat with you and your adults to find out about this.

Please keep washing your hands, working hard and most importantly keep being kind to each other.

From Mrs Savva-Brown

Time Capsule - this is a little activity for you to complete if you want to. You do not need to share it with me, unless you want to.

Summer Term Home Learning



New learning will be added on every Monday.


Work through the learning at your own pace. If you take a little longer to complete something, this is absolutely fine smiley.



If you are completing maths quickly, write problems using the maths you have learnt, expand your reasoning or explore the challenges on the ClassDojo class page.


If you are completing the literacy quickly, look for verbs or nouns and add description, look for words that can be more powerful, check your sentences start in different ways and always check your punctuation. 


Making a book about your learning is a fantastic way to show your understanding. You can make a zigzag book about anything including maths! yes

Shared Easter home learning

(scroll down to find new links and more home learning)


 We have received such a lot of beautiful Easter home learning. Thank you for sending this to us. 

What does the cross mean to you? What does it represent?

Think about the flowers or the chicks, what are they showing us?

What can we take away from Easter to help us be better people? 


Shared home learning

(scroll down to find new links and more home learning)



Fantastic presentation Arthur. It is great to see that you're learning about the British Isles at home. I wonder if anyone can answer Arthur's quiz questions?

Thank you for emailing us your home learning. It's wonderful to see that you have been working on your maths, spellings and art.

Thank you for sharing your home learning. You have been very busy. Well done for getting dad to join in with the exercising.



You have been working very hard. Thank you for sharing your rainbow.

This is a great picture of a rainbow - thank you.


What a fantastic range of learning you are doing - this is great to see!

Thank you for your beautiful rainbow. 

Such interesting facts. It's great to see you linking your art skills too. What a lovely rainbow with a message we all need to hear. Thank you.


THE CROSS IS AN IMAGE OF OUR FAITH- Ordinary things can remind us of the love of Jesus- A cross of shoes says "Walk with Jesus." Think of his love.

Home Learning

Learning from home

Children's Daily Timetable

Easter Home Learning 

Geography Celebration

Thank you for attending our Geography Exhibition and sharing the wonderful learning we have been doing throughout the term. 

We are very proud of our learning!

Continue our learning about the British Isles at home.

Welcome to St. Catherine's Class


St. Catherine's Year 3 class have achieved their target of 100% attendance this week. 

We are very proud of ourselves and will be celebrating this afternoon.

Thank you to all the parents and careers for supporting us in getting your children to school every day this week. 

Have a wonderful half term break.

Mrs Savva-Brown



During the Autumn term, we were working very hard in Literacy and studied the Stone Age Boy. This is a narrative with some facts that taught us about the Stone Age. The illustrations were lovely! We wrote our own versions of the story and innovated some elements to make the story our own. We also wrote a diary entry from the bear's perspective to show his feelings. 


Our Science topic was very interesting. We learned about plants and how they grow. We conducted an investigation and placed our plants in different conditions such as in a dark area with little air and no light and a bright area with no water and lots of air. Our findings showed that the plant with no light grew the tallest, however the leaves became faded. 


We had a big focus on Mathematical facts and were learning the three, four and eight times tables - test us on them!


Mr James taught us a lot and we had a really fantastic term with him. 



Please watch this page for even more of our amazing learning!