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Year 6 - St Francis

May Half Term Project


Activity 1:

May is the month of Mary. Using the collaging methods shown to you by Miss Esther on her YouTube channel, I would like you to create an art project to celebrate Mary our Mother. You can then give Mary a special spot in your prayer corner, or wherever you like to say your prayers at home. It can be a statue or picture, but place there some representation of our Blessed Mother. Make it appealing and a real tribute to her beauty and virtue. Mary is Mother – your mother, my mother, everyone’s mother – and because she cares for all of us day-in-and-day-out without fail, intervening for us in even the tiniest matters. For that, she deserves an entire month in her honor.


Please share your creations on Class Dojo.


Activity 2:

Go back through the previous weeks work since Week 1a and complete the work I have put under the 'Extra Work' tab.


Enjoy the Half Term break and I can't wait to see you all soon.


Miss Cosh

From June 1st please look under Week 1b for the weeks learning.......

Summer Term Home Learning

New learning will be added on Monday 1st June

Well Being Wednesday Activities

Hi Year 6,


Wanted to share a poem written by Immanuel and his family about the NHS.....


Working hard to save the rest.

You are the heroes to clean the mess,
making history with kindness,
trying to take out all our stress.

We are thankful for you,
we are clapping for you,


by Immanuel

Dear Year 6, 

I just wanted to say that Jack did an amazing powerpoint on Women's rights - it is very impressive and shows how hard he worked on it. Well Done Jack!

Hi Year 6, 


Myself, Ms Caton and Ms Arnaudova just wanted to say that we are missing seeing you all and teaching you, the school is not the same without you. Please keep safe. 


Miss Cosh

Teddie baked a scrumptious cake for all his neighbours - how very generous and thoughtful of him. I am very proud.....but where is my slice!!

Early Morning PE with Joe Wicks. Ajiri is keeping fit and healthy with her daily morning sessions with the Body Coach! Well Done!

Look what Freddie found.....a pigeon egg outside on his balcony. He will keep us updated.

Be Part of history.......


The corona virus pandemic which we are now all part of, is living history. Our children are all part of this, and it will be talked about and discussed for generations to come. Schools are closed, sports are cancelled, people are on lock-down…..all on a GLOBAL level. I thought your child could keep a journal over the next coming weeks; handwritten, typed, or through photographs or drawings. The children can record events, day to day activities, their fears and feelings. They could even make a video diary if you would prefer. As parents let them interview you, as you are also part of this historic moment. When this is all over save or store their work in a safe place for them. Please, help them create a tangible, primary source of their own history which can be shared with others in years to come.

THE CROSS IS AN IMAGE OF OUR FAITH- Ordinary things can remind us of the love of Jesus- A cross of shoes says "Walk with Jesus." Think of his love.

Learning from home

Children's Daily Timetable

Welcome to Year 6


Year Six is the end of primary school and an important year in the life of the children. We take great care to prepare the children for secondary school through a creative and comprehensive curriculum, including much work on our understanding of ourselves and our place in society: we intend the children to be self-confident learners, able to make the transition to secondary school with success.


To bolster their self-belief we take them away for a week on a school trip, where the children learn to challenge themselves away from their homes, engaging in exciting activities that will help them to grow and develop their independence.


In Year Six the children will sit the end of Key Stage 2 SATs tests: we have been very successful in helping the children make the most of their talents, and have regularly been in the top five percent of schools nationally.

Year 6 School Magazine - Autumn Term 2020

Tuesday 21st January 2020

The children were given the amazing opportunity to visit Salters Hall in Central London to participate in a workshop called Layers of London. Children dived into London’s history from the Romans to World War II in this evidence based activity.  The children looked at artefacts thousands of years old and became archaeologists for the day. 


Monday 3rd February 2020

‘Camden Junior Citizenship scheme’.


This scheme provides a unique and invaluable opportunity for the children to learn about citizenship and life skills from various participating agencies like: TFL, the police, the fire brigade and road safety. The children spent the morning taking part in interactive scenarios, teaching different strategies for leading a safer and more responsible lifestyle. The organisations were very impressed with the children’s knowledge and felt that they are all prepared for the next step in their journey – Secondary School!!



Monday March 9th 2020

The charity Growing Against Violence (G.A.V) delivered a unique programme to Year 6.


The children explored ‘friends vs friendly’ and the term ‘gang’. They thought about the exploitative nature of gangs, dispelling myths that gangs are conventional friendship groups that provide people with protection. The children gained a deeper understanding on how gangs recruit members and identified strategies to keep themselves safe.


Tuesday 17th March - St Patrick's Day Celebrations


The children had a jam packed day to celeberate St.Patrick's Day. First a mass in the morning with Year 5. Year 6 stepped in for those readers who were absent - how amazing! Everyone did a great job.


Then a rounders match followed, between 'The Leprechauns' and 'The Reapers'. The children had lots of fun and showed great sportsmanship with one another. I was very prouid.

Finally, we had a class party where the children showcased their talents - we have some amazing singers, dancers and even composers in our class!!